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Ethereal Synth Pop / Indie Pop Rock

singer // performance artist // world builder 

Synthia Looper is a musician, performance artist, and world builder out of Flint, Michigan whose music is a blend of dark, edgy, synthpop and dreamy electronica. She sings songs of vengeance, loss, love, lust, sexuality, mental anguish, and equality alongside her companion, Aux Looper. Together, they use a loop station, voice FX, sampler, and an electric guitar.

Conceptualized out of a deep love of sci-fi, fantasy, cosplay, feminism, and social justice, Synthia Looper was born. She is a synthapien (part human, alien, and synthetic android). Through song and art, she generates otherworldly sounds and lyrics to regale listeners of her interdimensional travels. She loops through space and time, experiencing many variations of form and life. Nevertheless, she remains a strong, bold artist whose compassion for humanity never sways.

​Her mission is to transport listeners to her world where delicate beauty and romance coexist with the dark, the light, and cybernetics.

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