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Ethereal Synth Pop

singer // performance artist // world builder

The impression I get is that Looper is trying to create an entire universe with this project. I’m all in...I’m loving this energy and vibe."  Jessica Lloyd, Lost In The Nordics 

"In fact, if you love the synth sounds from the early ‘80s to today, electronica, trance and dream pop genres...I suggest listening to Synthia Looper. Enough said." Heather Savage, Top Buzz Magazine

"This EP felt like an appetizer but I have got to say this feels like the start of a very special project." Garth Thomas, Hollywood Digest

'"It's ethereal, otherwordly, and avante garde." Jamie Funk, Pitch Perfect

NEW MUSIC VIDEO 'SENTIENT' OUT NOW   313-444-0879    Flint, MI

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